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Robot Domination: A Step Closer with Unbeatable Robo Hand

Robots: sci-fi mythic creations in the 50’s have all but stayed science fiction.  As technology progresses, so do the capabilities of robots.  We have those little feeling-less machines take out our garbage, clean and scrub our floors, park our cars, beat us at Jeopardy and now, become unbeatable at “rock, paper, scissors”.  At least that’s what our eyes think. Japanese…

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Genius Watson Leads Robo Charge

I’m watching you… In case you haven’t heard it yet, robots will soon take over the world.  Well, not yet that is.  Recently the IBM created super computer, Watson, trumped two other contestants Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter during a game of Jeopardy on TV.  In a full-fledged Jeopardy game, each contestant including the super computer, followed the exact Jeopardy…

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