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Nintendo Switch Revealed

The Nintendo Switch is the company’s first new home video game console since the Wii U For years, while Sony and Microsoft have focused on crafting consoles with cutting-edge power, Nintendo has opted to emphasize the fun of the gaming experience. Consoles like the Wii and Wii U ¬†were more about innovative controls than pure specs, while games like Super Smash Bros excel because of their addictive group gameplay rather than unbeatable…

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Nintendo DS May Get an Upgrade

When the Nintendo 3DS launched earlier this year, its lack of two joysticks was cited by critics as a major flaw. Two joysticks, like those employed in traditional game controllers, typically allow for more appealing gameplay by offering users better control over characters. Nintendo is planning on moving forward and actually create a new Nintendo 3DS with a right joystick for easy playability. Nintendo has hit a bump recently, reporting less than…

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