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Zepp: 3D Swing Analyzer


Zepp Labs created a one of a kind device that takes athletic training to another level and we have it at Abt!  The athletic company driven by innovation and science, designed the 3D Analyzer Swing Kit to help athletes step up their game and improve their performance. Real time results are recorded on your smartphone so you can compare each swing you take and use the results to create the perfect swing. The kit includes a sensor that can be used for golf, baseball, and tennis, you simply attach the sensor at the end of your bat, golf club, and tennis racket. All kits measure crucial factors that are part of creating the perfect swing.

Zepp 3D Analyzer Kits

The 3D Golf Analyzer Kit, has awesome feature! One of the key features this product has is the 360° view,  with this feature you can review and replay your swings from any angle. Also, the sensor for the golf 3D analyzer measures the head speed, swing plane, hand path, tempo, backswing position, hip rotation and more. Not only can you record and analyze your results, you can also  compare your swings directly to PGA Tour Pros in 3D and video. Learn from the Pro videos on swing analysis, training tip and drills. Analyzing your results and using the tips from the pros, you can learn how to  hit longer, hit more greens and fairways, become more consistent, and know exactly what you need to do when you hit an awesome shot so you can repeat your best swings.

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Using your kit for baseball can help you make big hits like 2014 AL MVP, Mike Trout and Softball Gold Medalist, Jennie Finch. The Zepp 3D Baseball Analyzer can help increase your ability to locate and recognize pitches while maintaining a fast and efficient swing. You can view your swing metrics instantly so you can hit more line drives and learn what it takes to repeat that skill with every swing.  You can also learn how to add bat speed and power with instant feedback, develop quick hands, and increase your chances of hitting the ball successfully by staying long the zone.

Put up an intense rally in tennis by analyzing and improving your racket handling skills. With Zepp’s  3D Tennis Analyzer, you can see how you can put more power into your groundstrokes. Analyze and improve your serve by replaying your serve in 3D from any angle, track and progress your power and spin so you can execute your hits confidently and and become more consistent. The tennis analyzer also provides a feature where you can track where you make contact with every ball, this will help you accurately locate where the ball is coming from.

Zepp 3D Analyzer may seem super high tech but the set up is pretty simple. All you do is attach the mount to your racket, baseball bat, or golf club and insert the sensor, connect the Zepp through Bluetooth, and then analyze your results on your mobile device!

Perform well and reach your goals just like the pros, click here to see all Zepp Products. 

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