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Xbox Kinect Has A Real Kick

Microsoft recently released their Kinect to rave reviews and excited fans! In just a few short weeks, it has become an item that will be a must have for the holidays. Why? Well, this is the first system that gets people up off the couch to play video games. Wait, we have heard that one before. Let me try again. This is the first system to get people up off the couch to play video games without any controllers.

Yes, that is correct. You can now bowl, play volleyball, race down rapids, play soccer, and much more on your Xbox360 without any controllers. When the game requires you to kick, just kick.  When you have to jump, jump!  This system is several years in the making, and many of us heard all the hype about this system, but after personally bowling a few frames and watching countless kids play soccer this past weekend, I would say that Kinect is solid and most importantly responsive. Kinect comes both as a standalone camera system as well as a 4GB bundle, and finally a 250GB Bundle.

Happy Gaming!!

-Chad Taylor

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