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Wireless Networking Made Easy with Cisco

Cisco, leader in networking solutions, discovered that it was hard for people to set up a wireless home network. They received a lot of returns on Linksys brand routers. What was their next move?

They needed to find a way that would make setting up a wireless home network simple. So, they decided to apply the point and shoot simplicity of Flip Video Cameras to wireless home networking.

“We have exported Flip thinking into Linksys,” says Scott E. Kabat, director of marketing for Cisco consumer products, referring to the company’s Linksys line of home networking products.

The result? Valet and Valet Plus wireless Wi-Fi routers. They are the simplest wireless routers on the market. Installation is done via USB—there are no CDs to install, it’s as simple as plugging it in and you are ready to surf the net.

One feature sure to please is the router’s parental control options. The administrator, or the one determining the settings, can customize internet options by device, determine the online allowance per device, or even block web sites all together.

Again, thanks to the simplicity of the unit, adding new devices to the networks is a breeze. Any guest can hop right onto the hot spot with a laptop or wireless phones.

The Valet and Valet Plus wireless Wi-Fi routers are essentially the same. The difference between the two is wireless range. The Valet Plus has a wider range thanks to the internal antenna.

Check out the easy to use Valet ($98) and Valet Plus ($148) at Abt.

-Kelly B.

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