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Wilmette Kids Have Fun At Abt


The Wilmette Park District Kindergarten Enrichment Program visited Abt today. This group of 5 and 6-year-olds are well traveled. They go on two field trips per week, visiting local businesses and attractions like The Grove in Glenview and Make-A-Messterpiece in the Glen.

The 19 kindergartners were escorted around Abt by Ara B. He showed them some of Abt’s fun, kid-friendly interactive displays. The kids started their day at Abt looking at the 5,381 pound granite ball next to electronics service. The ball floats on water making it possible for a child as small as a 4-year-old capable of spinning and stopping the massive ball.

bubble machine

Next, the kids went to the 7,500 gallon aquarium, home to many colorful fish and eel. After visiting the fish, the group went to Abt’s atrium. There the kids got to see the fountain’s dancing waters, the mousetrap, the butterflies, and then each child was surrounded by a giant bubble in the bubble machine.


Before concluding their visit at Abt, the kids stopped at the security office to get a behind the scenes look at the store and then walk through the metal detectors. Before heading out the kids enjoyed a sweet snack with Ara.

For more information about field trips or to schedule one, contact Cari Boyk in customer service.

-Kelly B.

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