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Why Will You Buy?

Could the economy be in an upswing? Could consumers be turning to more eco-friendly electronics? Are retailers giving customers the products they want for less money? Maybe a combination of all three?

According to iSuppli, an electronics market research company, LCD TV shipments are increasing. iSuppli is forecasting a jump from 7.3 million in the fourth quarter of 2008 to 7.5 million TV shipments this fourth quarter

iSuppli found, based on their research, many consumers will be replacing some of the first-generation models for better technology, low cost, low power consumption, and because newer electronics are less toxic to the environment. Low power consumption was the most recurring reason for those giving green reasons for wanting to purchase a new LCD TV. Are you in the market for an LCD TV? If so, what is the most important factor in your decision?

-Kelly B.

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