Who Tops The Flat Panel TV Sales List?

Ever wonder which manufacturer currently sells the most flat panel TVs in the U.S.? According to recent national sales figures, it’s Samsung, with a 20.2% share of the total market. Rounding out the top four spots are Vizio at 14.3%, Sony at 13.5%, and Panasonic at 10.7%.

So just what is it that Samsung is doing to capture the attention and dollars of American consumers? “A lot of customers come in with consumer magazines that give high ratings to Samsung TVs, and they like the fact that they can get one at a good price,” says Abt TV sales specialist Joe Trejo.

Samsung’s exhibit at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

“Samsung is also the only major manufacturer that produces all three major types of TVs—plasma, LCD, and DLP,” adds Abt TV sales specialist Jay Lefor. “I’m sure that has helped them capture such a large share of the overall TV market.”

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    November 10, 2009 at 6:41 pm

    The first question to ask when choosing a flat tv is as follows: How will it serve me? If you want to lay the first stone of a home theater setup, a stereo TV to widescreen is a minimum. If it is an extra TV for the kitchen, a little 4/3 screen with mono sound is quite sufficient.

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