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Whirlpool Showcases Possible Kitchen of the Future

During CES 2013, electronics companies get first in show for their newest products. Abt Electronics was out there last week bringing you the best looking items that will be hitting the market sometime this year. Electronics are all the rage in Vegas for the month of January during this big event, but this year, Whirlpool, known for their appliances, turned a few heads with their idea for a future kitchen.

Showcasing their “Futuristic kitchen concepts for 2020” Whirlpool presented consumers what they believe will be the future of home kitchens. One of the designs is called the FirePlace Concept.

As you can see Whirlpool envisions what seems like a digitally controlled “firepit” in your very own kitchen. Cooking your food to the perfect temperature based on what you are serving and through your own gestures. Definitely an interesting concept.

Another interesting concept Whirlpool showcased was the Whirlpool “Fresh Connect Concept“. Preserving food is essential to saving money and staying healthy. First off, you can order your groceries online via your favorite wireless technology. Not exactly futuristic, because we can already do that. however, when the groceries arrive, that’s where the future shows up. Whirlpool is envisioning separate capsule-style holders that can keep specific food items at the perfect cooling temperature. Keep your fruits in your specialized fruit basket and keep your herbs fresh and cool. Check out the video below.

Both very interesting concepts and it will be interesting to see how the future really shapes up in the next decade or so. Whirlpool certainly has some ingenious ideas rolling around. What would you love to see change in your kitchen in the future?

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