Whirlpool Cabrio Washer & Dryer—Staff Favorite

Getting back to our top product picks from our salespeople, here’s Megan Magnuski to talk about her favorite recent Abt purchase. Megan has been with Abt for five years, and during her off hours she likes to work out at the gym or play piano, write music, and sing (she claims to be a Karaoke Queen, although this hasn’t been officially confirmed). Megan also enjoys relaxing in her new townhouse, “laughing with my friends and neighbors. I find that any time I interact with friends and family, I’m always trying to convince them to buy something new, like a bigger TV or shiny new refrigerator.”  Here’s what Megan recently convinced herself to buy:

“I purchased the new Whirlpool Cabrio washer and dryer set when we moved into our new home. I was drawn to these models for their large capacity (it’s enormous!) as well as their highly efficient nature. After switching to high efficiency detergent, we ran our first load. I was excited about the amount of laundry that actually fit into this top-loading washer (I have 2 cats and a mechanic at home). We watched through the glass lid for about 5 minutes, noticing how little water was in the machine, and later we revisited to move the load to the dryer.

Whirlpool Cabrio washer & dryer

“The spin speed of the washer really made the laundry pretty dry, and there were no drips during the transfer to the dryer. On the normal cycle, total wash-dry time was only about 80 minutes, and the Cabrio washer and dryer easily cleaned double what our previous machines were capable of. Even the delivery team was great. We opted to do the installation ourselves, but they bought the machines in, uncrated them, and set them in place, and this was even before our driveway had been laid.   

“These are currently my favorite appliances. I never thought I’d catch myself saying it, but I love my washer and dryer. I’m always showing them off when I give a tour of the house!”

To see the objects of Megan’s affection and all the other washers and dryers from top manufacturers available at Abt, click here.      —by Graham W.

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