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Which VAIO is Right for You?

Sony released four new VAIOs this week, the Z, F, Y, and W series. They are all full of great features, but two are really stand out portable computers.


The VAIO W, is a green-tinted, eco-friendly netbook and the VAIO F is a gamers delight.


20% of the VAIO W is made from reprocessed plastic from old CD and DVD cases. The user manual has been replaced with an e-version to cut down paper waste and come packaged in a reusable carrying case made from

100% recycled material.



The F-Series VAIO is built to perform with the new Intel ® Turbo Boost technology combined with the Intel ® Core i7 processor. The power and performance doesn’t stop there, Intel ® Hyper-Threading enables each of the four processor cores to work on different tasks at the same time. If the power, performance, and speed aren’t enough, it can transfer images from a camera just by placing the camera on the palm rest of the computer. It has a back-lit keyboard and optional Blu-ray playback.


For more information call or visit the Sony Store at Abt.

-Kelly B.

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