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Abt Events Page, showing the camera events. The text notes that the classes are in the inspiration studio conference room, with camera basics the first thursday of every month (5:30-7pm) and Intermediate camera are 2nd Thursday of the month (5:30pm-7pm)

If you’ve ever been to Abt, you’ve seen just how much we love and are shaped by our local community. That’s why we host events that bring a boost of flavor, the best of the holidays, or new knowledge to everyone we can—even if they don’t make a purchase. We have a running schedule of events hosted by experts. Whether you’re bringing the kids in to watch a cooking demo from BlueStar chefs or are excited to learn more about your new camera, we’re here to bring the Abt events and entertainment. To check when these are going to happen, keep an eye on our blog here, stay subscribed to our social media accounts, or look at our Events page for a one-stop shop to learn when our repeating classes are held.

Abt Events & Educational Classes

Abt events go on all year long. And when it comes to classes and demonstrations, many are recorded on our YouTube channel. That means you can watch them anytime you like, even if you don’t live close by. Catch some as they stream live, or watch later with friends and family. You can find our page on Abt Events here. For more seasonal visits from Santa and celebrities, the best place to look might be our Facebook page.

Don’t forget: for the camera and drone classes, it’s a good idea to bring your digital camera, accessories and manual.   

Check out our schedule for the BlueStar recipes here!

Celebrate Earth Day with Abt
Yakisoba and Potstickers from BlueStar!

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