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What’s Our Elf Up To This Week?

Bolt Napping

Meet Bolt, our Elf on the Shelf! He’s just as excited for the holiday season as we are—maybe even more so. In fact, we’ve caught him wandering around the store, engaging in all kinds of crazy holiday shenanigans. Check this post each week to see all the behind-the-scenes fun Bolt is getting caught up in, both naughty and nice. Where do you think he’ll end up next?

Lounging With Our Mattresses

Elf On a Shelf - Mattress Dept at Abt

Our little elf decided it was time for a break after last week’s long session of trying on beautiful watches and roasting marshmallows. He spent the afternoon in our mattress center, the headquarters for all things oh-so-sleepy. (We’ve got tons of brands, but Bolt here decided he loves Tempur-Pedic.) He curled up nicely with a wide tablet, that’s his idea of a big-screen TV, and had a blast watching holiday movies. While you’ll find our tablet selection downstairs, you can make like Bolt and head to the upper level of the Atrium to discover our Mattresses and Bedding. You’ll be able to test drive traditional innerspring, hybrid, and bed in a box models before bringing them home just like Bolt. He might report his findings to Santa, too!

Selfie Time with Instant Photos

Elf On A Shelf - Instant Photo

As Bolt prepared to leave, he decided it’d be best to preserve a few memories he could cherish all year long. Thanks to a popular revival among instant photography, Bolt doesn’t need a smartphone to take selfies. He pulled out the Instax mini 11 by Fujifilm and switched it to selfie mode and boom! Instant memories. Bolt thinks this one looks pretty good, right? Find your own Fujifilm Instax or Polaroid instant film camera at Abt.

Getting Warm and Toasty Before He Leaves…

Elf on a Shelf - Toasting His Toes

After snapping some photos, Bolt had fun running around our new warehouse. It’s pretty cold back there, so once he was done making mischief and causing mayhem, he decided to warm up with one of our toes-ters. While it’s always good to stay warm in our cold Chicago winters, we wouldn’t necessarily recommend Bolt’s methods. Instead, check out our space heaters to keep your own toes as warm as Bolt’s.

Up, Up and Away! Bye Bolt!

Bolt-flying drone

It was finally time for Bolt to leave us as the holiday weekend drew ever nearer. While this little elf is excited to return to the North Pole, we know we’ll miss him dearly until we see him again next year. Instead of leaving in a sleigh or astride a reindeer, he decided to do things the Abt way…with a drone, of course! We’ll see how far the battery life gets him before he needs to call Santa for a lift.

While we’ve loved having Bolt around this season, we know he’s got more work to do at the North Pole. What was your favorite of Bolt’s antics this year? Let us know in the comments below, or comment on our Facebook or Instagram posts.

Last Week:

Getting Glitzy in the Time Watch Store

Bolt in the time store

Have you ever been to the Time Watch Store in our Atrium? Bolt certainly has! He’s been having a blast trying on some of our favorite jewels and watches. If you’re in search of the perfect jewelry or wristwear for that special someone in your life, head in and speak to one of our specialists. We’ll help you find something that’s just the right style. And who knows, you might even catch Bolt sneaking away with a ring or two.

Playing Poker: Ante Up, Bolt!

Bolt playing poker

You might not guess it from his size, but this Elf has some pretty deep pockets and a deeper love of card games. He and his buddy are having a blast in The Cave, our store-within-a-store devoted to games. After the poker match (that Bolt lost) they had fun playing darts, virtual golf, pinball and foosball. Next time you’re nearby, head into The Cave to check out the newest table & arcade games we’ve got to offer!

Playing (and Losing) The Year’s Most Beloved Video Games 

Bolt playing halo

Hoping to find some video games beneath the Christmas tree this year? Bolt is, too. He gave some of his favorites (like the newest Halo title a shot. And though he’s not quite big enough for the keyboard, he did his absolute best, even if he ended up seeing the GAME OVER screen a bit too often. Looking for your own games? Head to our Atrium’s Connect space to find the best in console and PC gaming.

On, Dasher! On, Dancer! On Prancer! On…Roomba?

Bolt riding a roomba around marshmallows

It might be a little hard to see, but underneath the holiday lights you’ll find our mischievous elf. He’s riding around on a Roomba by iRobot, an automated vacuum cleaner that’s been loved for years. Some models even empty on their own, while others connect to your smartphone and provide intelligent mapping of your home. Learn more about Bolt’s noble iRobot steed here, and watch your ankles-he likes to go fast. 

Marshmallows Roasting On An Open Fire

Bolt roasting a marshmallow over a fire table

Don’t get too close to the fire, Bolt! When temperatures drop, it’s always a good idea to stay warm and toasty, even when you’re outside. These fire pits and tables are Bolt-approved, perfect for roasting marshmallows and making s’mores (yes, even in the winter). Choose from models fueled by natural gas, or opt for a wood-burning classic version instead for your own backyard. You can find this particular model in front of the store.

Check back later this week to see more of what Bolt’s getting up to!

Getting Into The Holiday Spirit with Twinkly

After getting all snuggled up in his on-brand hammock, Bolt grabbed an ultra-small copy of everyone’s favorite Christmas story. He had a blast reading in the pre-lit tree from Twinkly, which features 400 ultra-colorful LEDs that you can program with your smartphone. Create dancing colors, moving rainbows, and more exciting effects. You can find our Wi-Fi connected tree (and maybe Bolt) near Merchandise Pickup near the east entrance of the building.

Dashing Through The Snow At Merchandise Pickup

Our Merchandise Pickup center doesn’t often have folks sliding down the product belt, but we made an exception for Bolt. Instead, customers wait for their recent purchases all while enjoying our dynamic 93-panel video display. The stunning resolution clocks in at nearly 8 million pixels, while beautiful video simulations created in-house play throughout the day. Watch geometric patterns spiral across, or enjoy visuals of classic waterfalls flowing across the screen.

Channeling His Inner Swimmer Alongside our Eel, Shark & Everyone in the Fish Tank

Bolt had fun getting up close and personal with some of Abt’s permanent residents in our Aquarium! Filled with 7,500 gallons of saltwater, our aquarium is a little bigger than the one you might have at home. From inside, Bolt got some weird looks from some of our favorite extra-large fish, like our shark and eel. They may have been jealous of his tiny bag of mini-marshmallows, though.

Stuffed with Sweets at the Candy Store

While no one was looking, Bolt had a little too much fun in the Candy Store in our Atrium. We found him in a pile of wrappers and peppermint sticks. If you’re in search of stocking stuffers, make like Bolt and head to our Candy Store. We’ve got some old standards your grandparents may have loved (Turkish Taffy, anyone?) alongside a self-serve candy carousel and M&M dispenser.

Enjoying A Float in our Atrium Fountain

After a long day of climbing across the aquarium and stuffing himself with candy, Bolt decided it was time for a relaxing float session in our Atrium fountain. It’s the next best thing to floating in a pool at the Bellagio–did you know that ours dancing fountain was inspired by the casino’s famous water feature? Stop by sometime for hourly light and water jet shows, all without needing to fly out to Las Vegas.

Check back next week to see more of what Bolt’s getting up to!

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