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What’s New & Now: Samsung S95C OLED TV

Samsung S95C
A Samsung S95C OLED TV beside a low sectional beside large windows. The screen is unaffected by the bright light.

Say hello to Samsung’s 2023 OLED television, the Samsung S95C. Following in the footsteps of last year’s S95B, this 77″ model is a sight to behold, and a step into unknown grounds for the entertainment giants. It first premiered at CES 2023 where it made a huge splash and seemed to upset the natural order of all things on-screen. 
The best part? It fuses the best of both QLED and OLED screens for an unbeatable viewing experience (and they’re available for preorder).

Yeah, It’s A Big Deal (On A Big Screen)

Samsung S95C focus image on a water-like background

In the past, this TV maker has focused on crafting their proprietary QLED televisions: LCD screens powered up with Quantum Dot technology for ultra-bright whites and colors. QLED is a technology that’s definitively Samsung’s, and they’ve been battling against those who’ve made OLED screens to prove which technology is best. This and last year’s S95 series have changed that completely, flipping the natural order of things. The S95C is Samsung’s newest version of their OLED television, presenting viewers with the greatest features of Quantum Dots and OLED screens.   

When you look at this screen, you’ll see exactly what OLED models are heralded for: dark blacks and pixels that illuminate themselves. The Samsung S95C goes further beyond with its own Quantum Dot technology. That’s 8.3 million pixels that illuminate themselves, all while Quantum Dots bring high-powered brightness to every moment on screen. Engineers say that peak brightness caps out at 2,000 nits thanks to this HDR beauty. It’s worth noting too that the S95C is brighter than last year’s S95B by about 20-30%. That’s the power of both QLED and OLED, combined, in the Samsung S95C.

The Intelligence, The Audio & More

There’s a lot more to love in the Samsung S95C than its OLED screen (even if that is its most groundbreaking asset). Whatever you’re watching, you’ll see it in 4K resolution thanks to the Neural Quantum Processor. It upscales what you watch in real-time, using AI to sharpen lines and push out blur. See live sports games and streamable shows in Ultra HD and at the highest brightness, all with the full OLED color suite.  

The audiological technology goes even further with Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking Sound for 3D audio that envelopes anyone watching in a world of effects. Hear cars whiz by, characters speak across space and water flow by in nature documentaries. 

Boost the effect even further with the third generation of Q Symphony. Here, users pair the Samsung S95C with a compatible soundbar, and Q Symphony calibrates the speakers within the television and within the soundbar to create a finely-tuned sonic experience.

Should I Choose The Samsung S95B or S95C? 

Samsung S95B from 2022 vs Samsung S95C from 2023: the two tvs face each other.

It’s a good question, and one many will be considering as they reach for their wallets. Last year’s S95B will be available at a lower price than the S95C, so it’s important to consider what you’ll gain (and lose) when you choose your new TV. Both are part of Samsung’s Quantum Dot-infused OLED series. But the S95C boasts a higher brightness level, with claims that it can reach 2,000 nits as we mentioned above. And this year’s model comes in a larger size, with a 77-inch version available on the market (compared to last year’s smaller 55-inch and 65-inch sizes). Finally, the 2023 Samsung S95C pushes the limits with its audio, too, sporting a 4.2.2 speaker system all within its slim profile. 

That being said, the S95B brings a powerful viewing experience to the table as well, with a colorful and contrast-driven OLED watching experience that’s supercharged by Quantum Dots. It carries a 2.2.2 channel system comparatively, but will likely be available at a sale price thanks to the new release of the S95C. Keep in mind that 2023’s 77-inch full price is $4,499, and you can save hundreds of dollars by choosing last year’s model. It’s all about whether you prioritize the newest, the brightest and the greatest sound over a similar budget-friendly model (but you lose out on some of the newest features). 

We’ll be featuring more of the newest products that are coming into Abt right here on the blog, so keep an eye out for great gear that’s headed here. If you’re hyped up about the latest in screen technology and are ready to buy this TV, place a preorder to get it before everyone else does.   

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