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What length of HDMI cable should you get?

One of the most common questions we get here at Abt is, “what length HDMI cable should I get?”  That questions doesn’t really have a specific answer.  To properly answer that, it’s all about preference.  As with any cable, it’s generally best to use the shortest HDMI cable possible for each connection you make.  This is important to keep the signal’s integrity strong as well as helping eliminate clutter.

Below is a basic guideline for some of the most common installations with HDMI.

  • TV on tilt/flat bracket with equipment below: 3M is standard
  • TV on articulating arm with equipment below: 5M is standard
  • TV over fireplace  tilt/flat bracket with equipment just to the side: 5M is standard
  • TV over fireplace articulating arm with equipment just to the side: 8M is standard
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