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What Do Abt Employees Want For Holiday Gifts?

When you work in a store like Abt, you get to see all the latest electronics and appliances right when they’re launched. This makes it great for those of us who always want to have the newest gadgets as soon as they hit the marketplace. It’s even better if someone else buys these things for you, so we’ve asked some Abt employees what they’d like to receive as gifts this holiday season. We hope their wish lists help all of you last-minute types who still haven’t finished your holiday shopping.

A female in the art department, who prefers to remain anonymous (any guesses, other Abt employees?), would love to receive the Cuisinart TOB-175 Chrome Convection Toaster Oven Broiler and the Sony PRS505 Portable Reader System in Dark Blue. “I love toasting things!” says Anonymous. “This toaster oven would be great for my grilled cheese sandwiches. With the Sony reader, you get Jane Austen on the go. You can carry around lots of stories without all the books.”

Cuisinart Chrome Convection Toaster Oven Broiler

A non-anonymous female in the marketing department would love to receive the Cuisinart Red EasyPop Popcorn Maker. “I eat a lot of popcorn, especially for lunch almost every day, so this would be a perfect gift for me,” says Jennifer Arocena. “I like to keep it simple, but my dogs like cheese popcorn so this would be perfect for all of us when we watch a movie near the fireplace – especially in this weather!”

Web merchandiser Evan Bowden says, “I’d love to get the 32GB iPod Touch because of its large capacity and fun touchscreen maneuverability. I would be able to use it as a mobile photo album, MP3 player, and portable TV screen.” Another web merchandiser, Bill Therapos, wants the Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 5500 Revolution Keyboard and Mouse Combination. “It would be great to not have to worry about those annoying wired keyboard and mouse connections,” says Bill.

“A product I would love to receive for Christmas is the Avanti 5 Liter Mini Beer Keg,” says Jayson Odjimer, also a web merchandiser (I’m detecting a pattern here). “What would be better than watching the NFL Playoffs and having an ice cold mug of your favorite beer straight from the tap? I guess the only thing that would be better than that is for my team to be actually in the playoffs. I’m not going to name what “professional” NFL team that is, but all I can tell you is that they are one game away from the unsought record of being the first team in NFL history to go 0-16 in a season. With that said, the feeling of envy while watching the other teams in their journey to get to the big game will be greatly reduced once I get a glass of brew in my system.”

Avanti 5 Liter Mini Beer Keg

Still not sure what to buy for everyone on your holiday list? Just click here for even more great gift ideas. —by Graham W.

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