WGN’s Greg the Vampire Visits Abt’s Night Shift

It takes a lot to keep Abt running smoothly day after day. While our doors may close to the public every night, the work here never stops. When the moon rises, a scrappy team of nocturnal workers descend upon the store to get every detail in order for the following business day. Our overnight warehouse warriors rearrange floor models, restock shelves, and roam our 400,000 square feet of storage space to pick the thousands of products that will be delivered the following day. It’s an often thankless job, but without this ragtag group, the store wouldn’t be able to operate. WGN Morning News caught wind of our night shift’s deeds and sent their most respected correspondent to investigate: Greg the Vampire. Check out Greg’s video for a rare inside look at the┬ávery serious overnight happenings that are crucial to keeping Abt running like a well-oiled machine. PS if anyone from OSHA is reading this, all stunts were closely supervised and don’t actually ever happen here we promise.

Greg the Vampire

Working the night shift with Greg the Vampire

Posted by WGN Morning News on Thursday, May 17, 2018

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