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Want a Free TV with that new TV?

Samsung is known for their excellent products in the world of electronics and appliances. Right now, we have one of the coolest bundle packages Samsung has offered: buy a TV and get a 19-inch TV for free!  It’s that simple.

If you haven’t pulled the trigger for that new TV yet, now is the perfect time.  Choose from any of the select models of Samsung TVS and  Samsung will toss in a 19-inch for free.  What can you do with a 19-inch tv? Well, you can put it in the kitchen to watch recipies as you cook dinner.  You can slap it on the wall in a  bathroom so you can never miss the score.  Or, if you are the kind-hearted kind, you can donate the TV to a relative who won’t complain about you getting a BIG HDTV.  The options are endless.

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