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Visit NASA’s Kennedy Space Center from the comfort of your couch

Google Maps has always been my go-to website when I want to know where something is or how to get there.  With the addition of their “Street View” option, I have used it numerous times to look at where EXACTLY a location is and even stroll down other countries’ streets from the comfort of my computer.

Google has expanded their Street View to making their way right inside the Kennedy Space Station in Florida. Google is offering incredibly in-depth Street View images of the entire complex, shuttles and all. The video below gives you a taste of all the exciting nooks and crannies of the historic space center.

“It’s not stuff that any normal person would get to see,” said Ryan Falor, product manager for Street View Special Collections told popsci.com. “You can go underneath the shuttles and you can see the tiles, these really sort of fragile heat tiles, and you can look up at them. They look like they are almost close enough to touch.”

The entire project took about a week to complete.  NASA representatives worked closely with Google to make sure areas that are “off-limits” haven’t found their way in the images.  So, basically, that means no matter how long your peruse the Kennedy Space Center, you won’t find any alien spacecraft NASA is undoubtedly hiding.

-Nick E.

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