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Video Highlight! JBL PartyBox 710

A group of people dancing and celebrating poolside, with a large glowing speaker next to them.

As summer fast approaches, your backyard becomes the perfect place for hosting and entertaining all your friends and family. Whether it’s a Fourth of July celebration or a neighborhood barbecue, there is no better way to get the party started than a powerful outdoor speaker. In the video below, one of Abt’s top technologists, Carl, does an overview of the JBL PartyBox 710 speaker. Start curating the perfect playlist and keep reading to learn why this portable outdoor device is the perfect addition to all your poolside gatherings.

Design, Dimension & Portability

The JBL PartyBox 710 is the second largest speaker the JBL brand makes as of February 2023. It is 35.6 inches high, 15.7 inches wide and 17.2 inches deep. It also weighs an impressive 61.3 pounds, which according to Carl is “something to definitely keep in mind if you’re going to be loading this in your car to bring to parties or events”. This speaker is portable, using built-in wheels and a handhold grip to roll and tilt as needed. It also has an IPX4 waterproof rating, adding an extra layer of protection against the elements and accidental spills.

Have you ever considered your own height when investing in an outdoor speaker? Neither have we, but our technologist says the JBL PartyBox 710 “can be a little cumbersome to move around if you’re taller, as it does not have an extension handle”. If you’re taller and don’t want to hunch over when transporting your device, this JBL model may not be for you. The JBL PartyBox 710 is versatile in other ways, though, like its handy design that works for three different setups. The rubber feet on the length of both sides allow it to lay down horizontally both ways. When you stand it upright, there’s a slot that perfectly fits a tablet or smartphone. Just pull up a karaoke video and you’ve got yourself a singing competition to remember!

Controls & Connectivity

On top of the JBL PartyBox 710 are the main controls for bass, treble and echo. You’ll also find the Bass Boost controls and the Bluetooth pairing button. This JBL speaker also has three DJ effect buttons that can be programmed by the user on their smartphone, but that’s just the beginning of what you can do. Carl goes on to say, “It’s not just for DJ effects. This is also where you can make adjustments to the lights, equalizers and more to give it a more customized look and sound”.

On the back of this speaker are all the inputs you need for connectivity. This device features standard USB and AUX ports, but also two extra plugs for live music. One is for a microphone and the other is equipped for a second microphone or even a guitar. The JBL PartyBox 710 is basically two audio devices in one! Its ability to double as an amplifier ultimately puts money back into the pocket of any musician who invests in this product. This speaker is perfect for putting on an impromptu performance at any hangout. If you’re trying to cover a large area with sound, this JBL speaker also features TWS for wirelessly linking speakers or daisy chain connections for hardwired linking. Keep in mind, though, that this speaker does not have a built-in battery, so it must be plugged in at all times.

JBL PartyBox 710 speaker (large speaker sitting on patio, glowing pink and blue)

Big Speaker, Even Bigger Sound

With the size of this speaker, whatever sound level you’re imagining is probably correct. In fact, Carl suggests that “if bass is the priority, then you’re not going to be disappointed”.  The JBL PartyBox 710 has an 800-watt RMS amplifier that supports two 2.75-inch tweeters and two eight-inch woofers. All of these numbers are the brand’s way of telling you that this speaker is LOUD. You can increase the bass at two different levels, deep or punchy. Unfortunately, if you turn on the bass boost while performing, some details in your voice and instrument can be lost. Altogether, this speaker may be too intense for everyday household use. Carl suggests this device is ideal “if you’re looking for something that you can use at home but is also going to be spending a lot of time at events and larger spaces like an auditorium, a wedding hall or outdoors”.

Bring any celebration to the next level with the JBL PartyBox 710’s powerful sound, color light show and user-friendly Bluetooth technology. If you’re interested in testing out the audio, invest in this JBL device yourself and press play on your favorite tunes! We have more product overview videos where that came from, so check out our YouTube channel for more informative content.

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