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Holiday Gift Guide: Video Game & Gamer Gifts


Picking out gamer gifts can be notoriously difficult, especially if you’re not a player yourself. With new consoles coming out and new ways to play (hello VR) becoming more popular every day, it isn’t getting any easier, either. But we’ve got gamers and tech experts on staff who have the pulse of what’s happening now and what’s coming next in the world of video games. Whether you’re looking for a stocking stuffer or a present that will have your child running around the living room like a maniac, you’ll find great gamer gifts at Abt and in our collection below.    

A father and daughter play video games together during the holidays

Having trouble finding what you’re looking for? We’ve got more to explore, from gaming PCs to the games themselves. Peruse our collection and buy in-store or order online.

1. Meta Quest 2 Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset 128GB

An exerciser stretches using the perfect gamer gift, the meta quest 2

One of the mighty titans of the VR gaming world, the minds behind the Meta Quest 2 bring years of gaming expertise to this “console”. This is virtual reality made simple, usable and friendly, making it the perfect gamer gift for anyone. Whether your giftee is an expert or a newbie, this wearable headset makes play both immersive and easy to understand. It’s more than immersive, too—it’s incredibly adaptive. Users can go from working out solo to online multiplayer to touring the world in 3D. Just slip on the headset. With this level of flexibility, the Meta Quest 2 is a great present for kids, seniors, and just about anyone. Plus, it’s budget-friendly compared to other consoles. Connect with friends via Facebook for multiplayer.   

2. Meta Quest 3 Virtual Reality Headset 128GB

A young girl uses the mixed reality components that are a part of the Meta Quest 3

But wait, didn’t we just talk about this? Well, we just talked about the Meta Quest 2, and the new version, the Meta Quest 3, just came out this year. The 3 is equipped with all the newest bells and whistles, like double the visual graphic processing power of its predecessor and the ability to be used with or without controllers. One of the most exciting traits about the Meta Quest 3? You have access to the real world in a mixed-reality setting. That means games can use the space around you, placing virtual things on real tables and sofas nearby. It’s an upgrade in every sense of the word. This is the gamer gift for anyone who has to have the newest version of everything, especially if they’re interested in VR and haven’t given it a try yet. They won’t be disappointed.   

3. PlayStation 5 Slim Bundle with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 or Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

The PS5 slim bundles: Spider-Man 2 and Call of Duty modern warfare 3

The new PlayStation 5 Slim from Sony is here, and it’s not alone. We’re bundling it with some of the top games of the season for the holidays so that the moment your loved one unwraps this present, they’ll be off to set it off. Whether they’re more into web-slinging across Manhattan or fighting their way through enemy lines, there’s no doubt they’ll have fun with their new gaming console. The PS5 has been one of the most desired consoles for years, too. You’ll be helping your loved ones get their hands on it, and that’s one of the best gamer gifts of the season. 

4. Nintendo Switch OLED Gaming Console Mario Red Edition

The Nintendo Switch OLED Red Mario Edition, a great gamer gift for kids and adults

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most versatile consoles on this list, beating out the PlayStation and the Xbox as the best console for kids. But this OLED version is great for adults, too. A massive library of games is out there and only more are coming, and there are titles to fit any taste. Pair this upgraded edition with another fun gamer gift. That way, your player has something fun to dive into, like Super Mario Bros. Wonder. And since this edition is Mario Red, a Mario game is the perfect pick! 

5. Microsoft Xbox Series S All-Digital 1TB Game Console in Carbon Black

The slim Xbox Series S in all black with its controller

The Microsoft Xbox Series S is a great console for both experienced and new gamers. This pick is built with a speedy processor and a full terabyte of space to store tons of titles from this generation, as well as Xbox One, Xbox 360 and even some classic Xbox games. If you’re searching for gamer gifts for those who hate clutter, this is the one to buy: all games are digital, and the console itself is slim when compared to competitors. Looking for a stocking stuffer for someone who already owns one of these? Opt for a new title or controller. You can even customize controllers on Microsoft’s website.  

6. Arcade1Up Infinity Game Board

The Arcade1Up Infinity Game board leaning up so viewers can see all of the games on board, like Risk.

This one isn’t like the other gamer gifts. The Arcade1Up Infinity Game Board is a truly unique tabletop play experience. This big tabletop screen is packed with a library of 100+ table games that the whole family and friends can play. That makes this game board the perfect pick for younger kids who might prefer Candyland to Spider-Man. It’s large enough for six players, connects to Wi-Fi, and for some games, users can play online. Players can even take the games on the go when they’re traveling. Users can play in the car or once they’ve reached their destination. The result is a flexible gaming experience (and there’s no need to have stacks of board games anymore.)  

If you’re looking for more advice for gifts this holiday, keep an eye out for more of our gift guides coming soon from The Bolt. We already have a gift guide for movie lovers and one for music lovers live! And we have lots more coming. Check out our gift collections on Abt.com for scrollable collections of products, too. 

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