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Universal Remote MX450—Staff Favorite

My name is David Maillis, and I’ve been at Abt for almost two years working in Custom Audio Tech Support. I will mostly be on the phones helping customers with problems they’re having with their equipment, or sometimes the customers will be in the store and have a question. I work in the audio office with the audio salespeople, so sometimes I’ll also help them with an issue.

My favorite recent purchase from Abt is the new MX450 remote from Universal. Up until I bought this remote, I had seven remotes on my coffee table. I had never purchased a Universal remote before, since their computer programmable remotes only support Windows and I use a Mac.

Universal Remote MX450

I didn’t want to put a Windows emulator on my computer just to program a remote, so the new MX450 was perfect for me since it doesn’t require the use of a computer. You do all the programming on its bright, easy to read LED backlit LCD screen. Programming is very easy. Just select the type of component, the brand, then hit the up or down arrow button to see if the remote turns off the component. If your component isn’t in the remote’s database, it can learn codes from your existing remote.

Buttons can be added or re-labled, and macro programming is made easy too. Macros are the execution of a series of commands with the touch of one button—for example, turning your equipment on and having each component go to the right input for what you want to watch or hear. If you need to edit your macro, you can look at all the steps on the remote’s screen and add, delete, or move lines. You can also operate the remote by radio frequency with an additional MRF260, MRF350, or MSC400 base station.

This remote is a great addition to the Universal line, falling between the basic remotes and the more advanced computer programmable remotes. I now have a little more room on my coffee table that I can mess up with something else.       —by David Maillis

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