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Trick or Treat Yourself At The Abt Candy Store

It’s official! After a long countdown, Halloween is finally next week. But if you’re celebrating with us, there’s probably one last thing left to prepare for this spooky season: trick or treating. Whether you’re expecting a flood of children to ring your doorbell all night or planning a costume party to remember, something sweet will always hit the spot. What better place to stock up than the Abt Candy Store? That’s right! If you’ve never visited our store in person, you may think we only sell appliances and electronics. But as a family-owned and operated business, we have always looked for ways to cater to customers of all ages at Abt. The Abt Candy Store is every kid’s dream destination, so come in before the holiday arrives and see what we have to offer!

History & Background of The Abt Candy Store

While our Glenview location opened in 2002, the Abt Candy Store only opened about six years ago. Taking inspiration from the colorful candy stores seen on a cross-country trip, Bob Abt made it his mission to have a family-friendly confection spot of his own amidst all of our home products. As of today, the candy store has several sales associates, but only one full-time employee and manager, Amanda, who says she has the “sweetest job at Abt”.

Thanks to the hard work of her and the other candy sellers, we manage to sell over 1000 pounds of candy a month. That weight is the equivalent of three full-sized panda bears! If you’re not a local customer, you can call and inquire about the candy on our shelves, as we do occasionally ship these edible products. Plan on stopping by our store on the day of Halloween? Feel free to bring your little ones along in costume and drop by the Abt Candy Store. When you say hi to our amazing employees, you may just get a special treat.

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Our Candy Selection for Halloween 2023

At the Abt Candy Store, we carry a wide variety of candy types and flavors sure to please almost any sweet tooth. Whether it’s fruity, chocolatey, gummy or sour, we probably have whatever you’re craving. If you or your child is diabetic, we also shelve sugar-free options! Amanda is in charge of all that we stock, so if you love the sweets in our store, you have her to thank. While she gets all the most beloved candy brands you’d easily find in other stores, she also keeps a focus on nostalgia. This is why we often get comments from casual browsers that we sell some vintage candy that they haven’t seen in years. While our stock is always changing based on availability, here’s some of the old-school candy we’ve collected for our customers:

  • Zotz fizzy candy
  • Big Cherry
  • Wax lips
  • Candy buttons
  • Regal Crown hard candy
  • Reed’s hard candy
  • Necco wafers
  • Chuckles jelly candy
  • Mallo Cups
  • Clark Bars
  • 5th Avenue bars
  • Turkish Taffy
  • Black Cow caramels
  • Slo Poke caramels
  • Sugar Daddy caramels
  • Abba Zabba taffy bars
  • Big Hunk bars
  • Satellite Wafers
  • Ice Cubes chocolate
A variety of different candies on the shelves at the Abt Candy Store

This is just the beginning of the products offered at the Abt Candy Store. As of right now, our best-selling brand is Albanese, a company responsible for delicious gummi bears and gummi worms. If you’re looking for something more sophisticated, though, we also have a gourmet candy wall. Here you’ll find sweets like chocolate-covered pretzels, luxury chocolate bars, truffles and more. If there’s a candy you’re seeking that you don’t see in our store, just tell Amanda. She’s been known to take customer requests and finds the opportunity to acquire rare candy to be a welcome challenge. While no sweet is promised, we always try our best to please customers at Abt. If you’ve already prepared for your trick-or-treaters, that’s alright. There are plenty of other reasons to shop at the Abt Candy Store; try using our sugary treats as ingredients or toppings for homemade ice cream or baked goods.

Stock Up For Halloween at the Abt Candy Store

Did our photos and vintage candy list get your stomach grumbling too? Who can blame you? Come visit us by the end of October and we’ll fulfill all your trick-or-treating needs. But don’t forget: our candy store is open all year round, so if you’re looking for a little something sweet while you shop for your next appliance or if you’re buying a gift for an avid baker, you can always depend on the Abt Candy Store.

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