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Traeger Wood Pellet Grills


After the long, cold months of winter, summer is finally on its way. It’s about time we can enjoy the awesome weather, hang out by the pool, and of course cook outdoors. When it comes to outdoor cooking, there are different kinds of grills you can choose from. But have you heard of a wood pellet grill? Thanks to Traeger, wood pellet grills are taking grilling to a whole new level; these types of grills are capable of making your food more flavorful while keeping it simple and also promoting a greener way of grilling.

Traeger-Pro series

These types of grills generate thick, smooth smoke that disperse evenly, covering every inch of your food with a savory and unforgettable wood-fired flavor. This one of a kind grill transforms ordinary grill capabilities by allowing you to grill, smoke, bake, braise, and roast. Also, Traeger wood pellet grills provide different temperature settings, so you can cook from low and slow to hot and fast grilling. Not only will you have better tasting food, but you are also taking part in a greener way of grilling. Traeger grills are plugged into a socket, using the lowest amount of electricity. Wood pellet grills use indirect heat to diminish the makeup of carcinogenic chemicals on food, which has an outcome of a cleaner and environmentally friendly burn.  Hardwood fuel’s only result in natural smoke and ash, ash is a renewable source and can be used in your garden unlike charcoal and liquid propane.

Traeger- how it works

The way a Traeger grill functions is simple, there’s an auger located at the bottom of the unit that picks up the hardwood pellets into a fire pot where they touch the hot rod and ignite.  Then you set the temperature to your desired setting, and start grilling. This grill provides a convection-style heat that cooks your food evenly and surrounds your food with delicious and flavorful smoke. Traeger also carries 8 kinds of hardwood pellets that enhance the smoky flavor to your food. Each type of blend is a great pairing for certain kinds of food.

Traeger- Pellet Guide

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