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Trade In Your Old Gear For An Abt Gift Card

Keeping up with the latest technology can be challenging—and often expensive—so anything that can help you grab the hottest new electronic gadgets and still get some value for your old stuff is a welcome relief. That’s where the partnership between Abt and CExchange comes into play.


Now you can trade in your unwanted audio/video gear and receive an Abt online gift card. Cameras, cell phones, DVD players, computers, MP3 players, and many other electronic items can be exchanged for much more value than you might have thought, and the process is simple. Just visit our CExchange web page, where you’ll find easy to follow steps that show you how to appraise the value of your items, ship them, and receive your gift card in return.

Don’t just throw out that old stuff while it still has some value. That would be just plain—what’s that word? Oh yeah, the opposite of smart.      —by Graham W.

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