Toshiba’s new LEDs bring life to Mona Lisa

mona lisa painting

Working with Toshiba, the Louvre in France has recently completed an upgrade to the lighting for the Mona Lisa painting. This will ensure that the Louvre’s  guests will be able to experience the painting as it was intended to be, no matter the surrounding lighting scenarios.

Toshiba designed a custom lamp that is concealed and pointed towards the painting.  The lamp uses 34 individual LED bulbs with precise spectrum controls that will allow the museum’s curators to adjust and perfect the light that hits the painting.  The lamp also compensates for the color shift caused by the Mona Lisa’s protective covering, so that the colors visitors see are true to the colors da Vinci originally used. What’s also important is that these new bulbs eliminate any harmful rays from ordinary bulbs that can deteriorate the painting over time.

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