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Start 2022 With a New Soundbar

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A soundbar is a crucial addition to your home entertainment setup. With the big game and Galentine’s Day coming up, you might be preparing to host your closest friends in your home. Whether you’re a movie buff or sports aficionado, soundbars majorly enhance the audio on your TV and are easy to set up. Abt offers the latest models from the top TV and speaker brands so you can choose from the best of the best.

We’ve rounded up the top 5 soundbars of 2022 to take your TV viewing and music listening to the next level.

5. Best Budget: Samsung HW-A650

This Samsung soundbar has 3.1 audio channels with natural-sounding dialogue and great clarity at high volumes. With Dolby Digital 5.1, you can enjoy surround sound without having to invest in a full home theater setup. The included subwoofer and bass boost feature create rich, layered sound. This speaker won’t break the bank but offers sound quality that rivals more expensive options.

4. Best Dolby: LG SP8YA

The LG SP8YA soundbar features Dolby Atmos and DTS:X for immersive, realistic sound from every angle that transports you to the middle of the action. LG partnered with Meridian Technology to equip the device with High-Res Audio for incredible sound quality. This speaker also features compatibility with an impressive array of platforms including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple AirPlay 2 and more.

3. Best Design: Sonos Arc

The Sonos Arc switches things up from the typical black square design on most soundbars. Dolby Atmos creates a surround-sound cinematic experience. It also offers powerful bass without adding a subwoofer. If you have an iOS device, you’ll love the TruePlay sound optimization feature, which adjusts the sound based on the acoustics of the room you’re inn. Plus, the Sonos App is easy to use and offers incredible functionality.

2. Best Connectivity: Bose SB900

The Bose SB900 smart soundbar offers clean, precise audio with a sleek design that’ll look great in any room. Like the Sonos Arc, this Bose speaker offers Dolby Atmos but no DTS:X. Unlike the Arc, this model also offers Bluetooth connectivity in addition to WiFi. It also has a sound optimization feature that you can use whether or not you have an iOS device thanks to the included AdaptIQ microphone.

1. Best High-End: Sony HTA7000

The Sony HTA7000 is a giant both in terms of size and sound—make sure you have room for this behemoth before you purchase. Multiple connections give you the ability to connect various sources. With Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, this model is arguably the best-sounding speaker on this list. It’s also the only soundbar on this list that can pass through an 8K signal, meaning this device is an investment you can enjoy for years even as TV technology advances.


Adding a soundbar to your TV room is a no-brainer. From the biggest sporting event of the year to a movie night with your significant other, these speakers are a worthy investment. If you’re ready to upgrade your whole setup, check out our retrospective on the top 5 TVs of 2021. Which of our top picks is calling your name?

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