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Top 10 Products Every College Kid Wants

Shopping for a college student? Maybe you’re heading off to campus yourself. Either way, these ten products are sure to be a hit.

1. Yeti Rambler

Whether it’s a 10 oz., 20 oz., or 30 oz., the Yeti Rambler is the perfect way to keep your beverage hot or cold while walking around campus. The rambler is Yeti’s first line of drinkware that you can hold while being very durable. With its composition of 1/18 stainless steel, they can keep your beverage as hot or as cold as you need it to be. Depending on your activity you can change your lid from the new standard magnetic slide to a straw lid, or the classic.

2. UE Boom 2 Speaker

Enjoy the best sound while having the convenience of being able to listen to your favorite music anywhere. The UE Boom portable Bluetooth speakers are waterproof and provide you with up to 15 hours of battery life. Unlike a lot of Bluetooth speakers UE Boom allows you to connect up to 50 speakers at once, so get all of your friends together and sync your speakers to get the highest volume with the brightest colors.

3. Fitbit Activity Tracker

Fight off the freshman 15 or just measure your activity with the slimmest Fitbit yet. A variety of colors and the convenience of the small size make it the perfect way to stay in shape this school year. With the option to change the band color, as well as Fitbit reminding you to move and tracking your fitness, it’s the perfect way to start or remain active at college. In addition to boosting activity, it also tracks your sleeping habits.

4. Skull Candy Headphones

Walking to class, studying at the library, or working out at the rec can be almost unbearable without a set of headphones. Skull Candy gives you the perfect variety with the most comfortable fit, as well as being affordable for college students. The new wireless headphones are perfect for everyday activities, freeing you from the worry of tangling or snagging your cord.

5. Solo Backpack

Travel all over campus and be sure that everything in your bag is safe, with Solo. Find the backpack that fits your style and personality—with our wide variety of Solo backpacks you will no doubt find the one that matches all of your wants and needs. Almost all Solo Backpacks are built for the digital age, with special padded compartments to protect your technology while still being light.

6.  TV

Every student needs their downtime, so why not do it right, with a great picture. Watch all of your favorite Netflix shows, have a movie night, or play your favorite video games on a new TV. With such a large selection, you can find exactly what you need and what size is right for your space. A TV is almost essential for any student no matter if you’re living in the dorms or in an off-campus apartment/house. To ensure you are getting the best TV for your needs, take a look at our TV buying guide!

7.  Microsoft Xbox One S

Play all of your favorite video games, watch Netflix, and even connect with friends all from the Xbox One S. With all the functions the Xbox has, it’s a great choice for college students. With the new console being 40% lighter, it’s even easier to transport. But don’t get rid of your Xbox 360 games just yet, the Xbox one S is compatible with 360 games. You’ll also enjoy the best picture and graphics with 4K HD resolution and Blu-ray capabilities.

8. Mac Book Pro

Laptops are known to be one of the most important products for college students. Although different programs require different types of laptops, the MacBook Pro is the perfect laptop to get for any student if their program permits.  With 10 hours of battery and a backlit keyboard, the MacBook Pro is very user-friendly, while its retina display is perfect for editing images and watching videos.

9. Apple Watch

Join the wearable technology movement with the Apple Watch, the perfect way to stay connected without having to take your phone out of your pocket. The Apple Watch is the perfect way to check email on the go, schedule reminders, and it also keeps track of your steps. Don’t worry about water damage, with the new water resistant design the Apple Watch can now be used for swimming.

10. Sunglasses: 

With tailgate season approaching very shortly, you’re going to need the best tailgate accessory: sunglasses. Choose from numerous brands and various styles to find the right fit for your style, while keeping your eyes protected from the sun’s rays. Play up your school spirit with color reflecting lenses or stick to the classics. Whatever style you prefer you can never go wrong with the quality of Maui Jim, Oakley, Ray-Ban and much more here at Abt.

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