Thousands Enjoy Earth Day At Abt

Yesterday’s Earth Day celebration at Abt was a huge success, with thousands of visitors filling the store starting at mid-morning all the way through late afternoon. From the demonstrations involving animals to the various recycling and eco-friendly activities, everyone enjoyed themselves while also learning how each individual can make a positive difference in improving the health of our planet.



“The kids especially had a great time,” said Abt customer service manager Cari Boyk, “and the people from The Grove nature center were very informative. They explained the circle of life and how humans are helped by the things animals do. A lot of the kids started picking up paper they found on the floor and even went through trash cans to sort out items that could be recycled.”



“In a lot of ways, it’s the kids who are leading the way on this, getting their parents more involved and really trying to do their part to help the environment,” said Cari. “They’re really looking forward to more events like this.”    —by Graham W.

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Celebrate Earth Day At Abt

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