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This New Year, Back Up Your Precious Memories On An External Hard Drive

It seems like we’re never without a camera these days, whether it’s the one in our smartphone or a dedicated DSLR. More than ever, we’re digitally recording our happy memories, hoping to preserve these times for the future. But unlike the days of film photography and prints, most of these memories never leave our memory cards or hard drives. And while they’re easy enough to view on a computer monitor, they’re often not backed up, which makes them susceptible to being lost forever.

Most people never consider the idea that their main hard drive can fail, but permanent data loss is an all-too-common occurrence. It’s also easy to avoid, by backing up data to an external hard drive. Backing up files is as easy as plugging the hard drive in and dragging over the files you want duplicated. Some even have built-in software that automatically backs your system up at regular intervals.

This New Year, get in the habit of regularly backing up your data, because a hard drive will often fail without warning. Whether it’s from a mechanical breakdown or file-corrupting malware, retrieving lost data ends up being either impossible or extremely expensive. An external hard drive will provide you peace of mind knowing all your precious memories are safely backed up.

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