This Holiday Season, Finish It All With A Grin

Reverend John Cusick from Chicago’s Old St. Patrick’s Church (not to be confused with another Chicago icon: John Cusack) used his Sunday sermon to share his goal of spreading a few grins outside the church. Since this is the holiday season, many people will be visiting retail locations in search of the great present for that special someone. It was in Reverend Cusick’s sermon stated simply, “I will change the face of Retail America.”

His strategy is simple: He will not collect his purchases and step away from a checkstand until he makes direct eye contact with the cashier and elicited a smile. This is not always easy to do.  The Reverend has even gone and made silly faces to charm out a smile.

Us here at Abt Electronics are pleased to hear his experience while shopping with us was a pleasant one. We at Abt genuinely try to everything possible to help the customer. When we do, not only does that make the company look good, but it also provides us with workplace satisfaction.  A smile on us is a genuine smile and we do the same when we are customers outside of Abt.

This holiday season, try to do the same as Reverend Cusick.  While shopping remember that someone behind the counter, on the floor, or checking you out may have long hours ahead. Finish up your transaction with a grin.

Reverend Cusick

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