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The Sub-Zero and Wolf Living Kitchen at Abt

The dawn of spring ushers in one of the most popular times of the year for many homeowners to start thinking about one of the biggest projects that they’ll undertake: the full kitchen remodel. Whether it’s bringing a new face to a tired kitchen in a home you’ve owned for decades, or starting from scratch on a newly-purchased home, a new kitchen is one of the most significant ways to put your own touch on your home. But while the initial planning may be exciting, shopping for appliances can quickly become an arduous, frustrating process where you end up with more questions than answers.

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The newest vignette in the Sub-Zero and Wolf Living Kitchen

One of the difficulties of picking out new appliances is a customer’s inability to truly understand how a new product will fit into their kitchen, just by seeing it sitting on the showroom floor.  It’s hard to judge how a new fridge will look next to your cabinets, or how much room you’ll want when you swing the door open, when a typical store display usually consists of rows of appliances sitting against a wall.  And when you’re purchasing the appliances that will be part of your dream kitchen for years to come, it’s important to be 100% comfortable with every aspect of their design and operation.

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The Sub-Zero and Wolf Living Kitchen at Abt presents a new way to shop for appliances, letting you interact with the products in completed, detailed kitchen vignettes, just as if you were visiting a model home.  Being able to get hands-on with appliances installed in their natural environment helps convey intangibles that no spec sheet can cover. How does the door of this Sub-Zero fridge swing when solid wood panels are installed? Is this Wolf range too crowded when cooking with four large pots at the same time? Where is the ideal location for a double-oven in relation to the cooktop? There are no right answers to these questions, only what works best for you. Spending time exploring each of the display kitchens will give you worthwhile insight into many of these types of questions. After a tour of the Living Kitchen, dedicated kitchen design pros can help you find out more about each of the products you’ve tested.

The Living Kitchen gives you more than just information about each appliance; it provides inspiration for kitchen layout, color combinations, accessories, and so many more of the countless decisions that will need to be made when building a new kitchen. Visit the Sub-Zero and Wolf Living Kitchen at Abt today and turn the kitchen of your dreams into reality.

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