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The Noob’s Guide To Car Audio

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Today’s technology allows us to enjoy our favorite entertainment wherever the heck we want to. We can watch movies, listen to music, read books and more from just about anywhere our heart’s desire.  It’s reach extends beyond the home and office, and into our daily commutes, summer road trips, and family vacations through advances in mobile audio and mobile video. This guide is designed for those foreign to the realm of mobile entertainment (or haven’t visited in a while) but want to reap the benefits of a mobile multimedia system—from silent (and happy) backseats, to highway head banging, and everything between.

No Strings (Wires) Attached

Whether you just want to avoid a rat’s nest of wires and connectors, or your state/locality mandates hands-free talking wall driving, mobile Bluetooth is what you need.  First, make sure your phone has Bluetooth compatibility in order for you to be able to make/receive phone calls on the road via your car’s sound system.  If you want to stream music from your phone or portable music player – both the phone/player and the radio/car kit must support Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP) profile.

Take Your Entire Collection on the Road

Gone are the days of lugging around 50 CDs in a binder, or being pummeled by raining CDs from your visor as you accelerate. Today’s technology allows you to stash your entire collection on a single device and carry it wherever life takes you – thanks to the invention of the mp3 player, and the almighty iPod.  Modern cars and aftermarket stereos support iPod playback and control – you can charge, control, and enjoy your music from your steering wheel and dashboard. While some radios are simply plug-and-play, you may need additional equipment (like an auxiliary cable) to make it all work.  Some special factory radios even allow you to control your iPod and iPhone via the cars voice-command system – Night Rider’s KITT would be so jealous.

Small Upgrades Give You More Bass For Your Buck

If it’s bigger, clearer, and louder sound that your ears crave, you don’t have to upgrade each and every component in the vehicle to make it a reality. Aftermarket head units boost signal strength and add additional features. If you don’t want to remove the factory stereo, upgrading your speakers, or adding a subwoofer and high quality digital audio sources  or OEM iPod integration will give you a dramatic improvement in sound quality.

Personal Video Screens Are More Affordable Than Ever

Aftermarket rear-seat or passenger-side entertainment systems are an affordable and stylish design that let’s everyone get in on the action. When paired with wireless headphones,  everyone  gets a comfortable seat to enjoy the entertainment at their own level.  The expert and award winning installers at Abt can turn your back seat into a multimedia entertainment hub that will captivate audiences for hundreds of miles.

Take the Web on the Road

Yes, you can now enjoy the wonders and benefits of the internet and DirecTV on your spring break road trip or cross-country family vacation.  Whether streaming movies, music or other media –  in-car internet will keep passengers relaxed and entertained.  A mobile antenna and DirecTV lets you enjoy 128 of your favorite channels along every stretch of highway travelled.

– Scott H.

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