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The Good Guys Visit Abt Electronics

Australian electronics and appliance chain The Good Guys made a trip to Abt Electronics all the way from down under to experience American retail practices in person. Sales representative Joe Klett took them on a tour of our store’s showroom and warehouse, going over our history.  After, owner Jon Abt fielded questions and further explained how we handle our large volume of products and customer requests.

Peter Sinondinos, the General Manager of Retail Operations mentioned, “Our CEO Michael Ford is a man of few words but summed it up in one for you guys- “excellent”.  I had twenty two Australians talking about it today. They couldn’t find enough adjectives to describe the store. They were quietly impressed.

It was a real pleasure to see the nice people from “the Good Guys”.  They’ll no doubt go back to Australia with a list of new things on how a successful business is run, the American way.

Abt at GDGT Live!
Abt Electronics Control 4 Dealer of the Year

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