The Day The Earth Became Dark – Earth Hour 2011

Earth Hour 26th March 2011, Buckingham Palace lights on London, UK © WWF/ Tristan Fewings

Today at 8:30pm your local time, it will be Earth Hour. Since its conception in 2007 by WWF, millions of people and thousands of cities throughout the world have participated by switching off electricity to pledge their support for the planet.

Abt has participated in this environmental movement for the past three years by turning off our lights. Tonight, we will be disconnecting from the grid and shutting down a majority of our lights in and around the building (can’t shut all off because we still have people working to get the store in tip-top shape for tomorrow).

This year’s Earth Hour initiative is to think what else you can do to make a difference once you turn the lights back on. This can be something small like remembering to turn lights off when you leave a room. Are you participating in this year’s Earth Hour? What else can you do to make a difference?

-Jennifer A.

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