The Best Coffee Makers for Working From Home

Lattes and coffee

During this time, when everyone is cooped up inside we start to miss doing some of the non-important but regular tasks in life: picking out our outfit, driving to work, and, of course, picking up our morning coffee. For many working adults, coffee is one of the important steps in our morning routine. It’s tough going from regular coffee shop brews to now being stuck at home with inadequate coffee equipment.

So today we are going to talk about coffee makers and how to get the coffee you enjoy at home. Here’s a quick primer on the different types of coffee makers and what types of coffee each one creates.

Coffee Maker: As the name suggests, this is your run of the mill coffee maker. They’re also referred to as drip coffee makers. If you go to Starbucks and only ever order a tall black coffee, this is the type of machine for you. These machines are easy to use and can make 10-12 cups at a time. So if you drink more than a grande, or routinely have multiple cups of java before noon, you might be interested in one of these. Our pick: Technivorm Moccamaster Silver Coffee Maker.

French Press: These manual machines are one of the simplest ways to brew coffee, but they make a mean cup of joe—rivaling the brew that comes out of expensive drip coffee makers. French press coffee is for those coffee lovers who truly enjoy the bold and vivacious flavors that come from a strong brew; it’s the best way to get the purest coffee taste. If you drink your coffee black, I would also recommend giving this a try. These are a little more work than an automatic coffee maker, but worth every drop. Our pick: Frieling Brushed Stainless Steel 8 Oz. French Press.

Espresso Machines: This machine will make you those delicious and extra-potent shots of espresso. You should also consider an espresso machine if you enjoy making specialty coffee drinks like lattes or cappuccino. These machines often offer an array of additional features, like a built-in milk frother and steamer. Espresso machine ease of use can vary from model to model—some seem to require formal barista training. Using a manual espresso machine can take a bit of time and get a bit messy, so unless you have the time to spare every morning, I would suggest an automatic espresso machine. Our pick: DeLonghi DeLuxe Manual Espresso Machine/Cappuccino Maker.

Combination Coffee & Espresso Makers: These machines are the best of both worlds, letting you enjoy that perfectly brewed coffee or experience a truly excellent espresso. The best part about these machines is that most are fully automatic. That’s right, you plop in your “pod” and the machine does the work for you. These machines produce rich, foamy, and delightful cups of coffee and some come with additional features similar to the espresso machines. Many of these machines can be purchased in a bundle with a milk frother and steamer, which makes crafting the perfect coffeeshop-quality beverage that much easier. If you enjoy a variety of coffee beverages, a combination coffee and espresso maker is calling your name. From cappuccino to Americano these machines have got you covered. Our pick: Nespresso Black Evoluo Espresso Machine.

Any of these coffee makers are good for one thing: making sure you get that dose of caffeine in the morning. Without it, we all might go crazy. So stay sane and make sure your coffee fix is met with your favorite coffee.

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