The Ball Fireman Night Train Watch—Staff Favorite

Continuing with our product recommendations from our salespeople, we’d like to introduce Carl Prouty, who has been with Abt for 6 years. Carl and his wife, Danielle, have a young daughter (Madison) and son (Jackson) who stop by to visit us on a regular basis and keep us laughing (while we’re also working very hard, of course). One of Carl’s favorite sayings is, “In the past 100 years, my great-great great-great-grandmother has won as many World Series as the Cubs, and she’s been dead for 200 years.” If you couldn’t tell by that, Carl is a huge White Sox fan. He also likes his new watch— a lot. Let’s listen to his story:

“My favorite thing I’ve purchased from Abt in the last 6 months would have to be my Ball watch. I hate reading the time off of my cell phone, and since my last watch broke I figured I would treat myself to a new timepiece. I did a lot of research because I wanted to get a watch that would last a long time and found the Ball Fireman Night Train.”

Ball Fireman Night Train watch

“This is by far the best watch I have ever owned. The quality is amazing and compares well with timepieces that are far more expensive. It has a sweeping second hand which looks great, and the size of the watch face is 43mm, so it is easy to read and looks substantial. I like to tell people that with this watch, I not only feel comfortable shoveling coal into a locomotive engine, but I can also dive into the ocean and fly into space without worrying about it losing time.”

“Seriously, though, I wasn’t looking for anything too flashy, so this was a perfect fit. It has a very subtle design, but it is nice enough to catch some eyes. If you are into watches at all, please consider Ball when looking for a new one. It really is a great watch for the money.”

Click here to see Carl’s watch and all the other fine timepieces available in the Abt Time Boutique. —by Graham W.

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