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The Tesla Owners Club Visits Abt

A group of people standing in front of a fountain

You may have seen our Tesla EV chargers in front of our store, but that’s not the only way our brands are connected. Members of the Tesla Owners Club visited Abt on Saturday, October 8 for an exclusive tour of our store, recycling center and more. Abt’s Bob Taylor had the honors of guiding the group of 50 around our store and facilities. He led them around the store to see everything from our world-class product offering to our signature dancing fountain, stopping to pose for a photo. Bob also took them through our older warehouse, where much of our massive inventory lives. 

A group of 15 people in jackets and sweatshirts stand together in front of an array of solar panels. Lush green trees are in the distance

The tour continued on to other aspects of our organization. Bob showed the group our massive generators that keep us running as well as up to the roof to see our array of 4,200 new solar panels.  They also got an exclusive look at our state-of-the-art recycling center, which normally isn’t open to the public. The group got to see our massive GreenMax recycling machine in action as Bob explained more about our recycling process. We always welcome a chance to show how Abt helps protect planet Earth. Members of the group were also able to ask Bob questions about Abt to learn more about the brand.

The Tesla Owners Club group inside the Abt recycling center. There is a large conveyor belt to the right surrounded by cardboard boxes

About the Tesla Owners Club

The Tesla Owners Club is “a community of owners and enthusiasts committed to advancing Tesla’s mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.” The group gets special opportunities to volunteer for the organization, educate potential new owners and hosting events. As a brand committed to environmental efforts, it’s only natural that Abt and Tesla would come together. It was an honor to be able to show our state-of-the-art green initiatives to other environmentally-conscious folk. We appreciate every chance we get to show why shopping at Abt is a different experience. Thank you to the Tesla Owners Club for visiting us! 

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