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Technologist Tuesday- Want the new iPhone…for Free?

josh davis-technologist

I just witnessed a 16GB iPhone 5 Verizon model with a completely smashed front glass sell on eBay for $365.  The used iPhones on eBay that are in good condition are all selling over $400.  You have to love the fact that Apple iPhone’s resale value is so high.  If you’re willing to go through the process of selling your used iPhone through eBay or Craigslist, then like many of us, you may acquire the next iPhone for free. For those of you that don’t want to deal with that process, you can just go to our trade in program and cash in. https://www.abt.com/tradein

Whether you’re going to plunk down full price, get the upgrade price or make out like a bandit by selling your old iPhone, here’s a roundup of what technology your new iPhone may have:

  • A7 Processor
    • Having a faster processor w/faster graphics is always noticeable.  Especially when there’s a new iOS coming.  Great example:  for those of you that have an iPhone 4 and you upgrade to iOS 7 WATCH OUT!!! You don’t have Siri, can’t handle the new graphics very well and your battery is probably about shot by now.  Don’t worry too much, you’re resale still ranges from $100-$200.
  • Enhanced Camera
    • Dual-LED flash using a tungsten filter to balance light
    • Higher Megapixel images
    • Built-in polarizing filter for better imagery & reflection reduction
    • iOS 7 software will help the above hardware upgrades truly shine
  • Fingerprint Sensor
    • Security option that may be necessary to lock down highly anticipated E-Wallet
    • Not sure on this one despite the patent we all saw
  • Near Field Communications (NFC)
    • I seriously would love NFC.  I’d rush out and buy Samsung Tec Tiles (or whatever like it worked with an iPhone) and program one for my car, house and office.  For those of you Droid users with NFC, stop reading this blog and go pickup and program some Tec Tiles.  What a cool technology.
    • NFC is referenced in 19 US Patents over 100 times.  This is not a technology that they’re ignoring.
  • New Colors
    • Plenty of rumor pics leaking color options.
    • Similar to current iPod Touch Series?
    • Lots of talk about a Gold/Champagne color
  • iOS 7
    • This system will really be on the forefront of why the next iPhone is so powerful.  I wonder what the next iPhone will be able to do that a previous iPhone can’t.  Right now, the iPhone 4 users are lacking a handful of cool features that the 4S and 5 can do.  Will the next series have hardware capable of doing something exclusive?
  • Storage options up to 128GB
    • Based on camera megapixel upgrades & anticipating larger file sizes, 128GB is probable
      • We hope $199 32GB, $299 64GB & $399 128GB (assumed upgrade pricing)
      • We Fear $199 16GB, $299 32GB, $399 64GB, $499 128GB (assumed upgrade pricing)

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