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Technologist Tuesday: LED TV Motion Processing

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I asked veteran Abt salesman Shahab Astabraghpour “LED or Plasma?”  He said, “Plasma.” Then he said the following whilst twirling his mustache: “Of the fish in Technology Sea, the plasma is the Megalodon.” I agreed. When I bought my TV 3 years ago I too chose Plasma. If I was in the market now, I’d go plasma again as OLED is simply too much for my budget and I prefer plasma’s picture over LED TVs. Many people love the LEDs brighter screen and maybe even need an LED because of the glare issue a Plasma TV can exacerbate. I was talking with salesman Sean Hardesty about how I just couldn’t stand watching the movie that was playing on a big screen Sharp 240hz LED. I found that the movie quality was replaced by home video/soap opera quality and it just looked artificial.  Sean laughed and told me that the customer he was with before talking with me wanted to know why the same Sharp LEDs picture was so amazingly clear.  The customer couldn’t believe how great it looked.

Everyone’s different.  Everyone perceives a picture in their own way.  That’s what it will always boil down to. LED’s increased 240Hz can make your picture quality look absolutely amazing to you.  Or, like me, you may think the technology makes for an awkward quality.  Cue motion processing.  When manufacturers boosted the HZ performance on LEDs to make them clearer when in motion, some of us felt that other content like movies and TV shows looked like a soap opera (don’t get me wrong here, I find that sports, cartoons and gaming is awesome on a 120Hz or 240Hz LED) .  New internal processing is inside LEDs & can enhance the viewing experience of your TV.  Every company has their own name for it.  For those of you that have an LED TV, I encourage you to find your settings for it and experiment.  You may find this option can enhance your picture.  Below is a quick rundown on which models do it best.   If you are looking for more information on buying a new HDTV, check out our HDTV Buying Guide.

Where to find motion processing options in your LED TV

(Best Selling TV’s from major brands on Abt.com selected as examples)

1)      Samsung 65” UN65F8000 Featuring Clear Motion Rate 1200

Menu Picture Options  Auto Motion Plus

2)      LG 60” 60LA8600

Featuring TruMotion 240Hz

  1. Settings Picture Picture Mode Picture Option TruMotion

3)      Sharp 70” LC70LE750U Featuring AquoMotion 480

  1. Menu Picture Settings Advanced Motion Enhancement

4)      Sony 55” KDL55W900A Featuring Motionflow XR 960

  1. Options Picture Adjustments Motionflow

5)      Toshiba 50” 50L7300U Featuring ClearScan 240Hz Refresh Rate

  1. Setup Picture Advanced Picture Settings Clearscan

-The Technologist

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