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#TBT Earth Day Now & Then: Recycling Electronics & More

Happy Earth Day banner from Abt

Earth Day has rolled around once more thanks to the ever-rotating planet we live on and love! At Abt we always work to live every day like it’s Earth Day, whether that means recycling electronics, choosing greener energy or ditching disposable plastics in favor of reusable materials. This time we’re celebrating one day early in favor of a Throwback Thursday, and we’d like to showcase a WGN video from over twelve years ago. Our eldest Co-President Mike Abt has pioneered our Green Initiatives for decades, and he takes the stage in this video from over 12 years ago.

2009 Earth Day at Abt from WGN

While we’ve removed the low-power windmills in favor of a new, updated solar array, we’re still finding newer and more efficient ways to make our business more earth-friendly every day. Our expanded recycling center includes over 30,000-square-feet of space. That’s all to make room for gear that helps us recycle electronics, appliances, cardboard and styrofoam that we have in-house. Thanks to equipment like our new GreenMax machine (a styrofoam compactor) and an Augur Compactor, we’ll be able to process over 95% of our own waste. We’re working on updating our solar array even further too: with new panels atop our expanded warehouse, we’ll be creating 50% of our electrical needs going forward.

Each Year We Recycle:

  • Styrofoam: Over 350,000 pounds (which takes 1,000 years to biodegrade)
  • Recycling Electronics: Over 1.4 million pounds
  • Recycling Appliances: Over 13 million pounds
  • Over 2.2 million pounds of cardboard and paper
  • Over 95% of our own waste
  • And products/waste that customers bring in

Hoping for more ways to go green yourself? Check out our Green Initiatives Page, where we detail how we can all go green together, along with the consumer goods you can recycle with us.

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