Taking Over The Tech

Okay guys, put down your beer and pretzels and listen up: Women are grabbing control of your HDTVs—and probably your gaming consoles and computers, too. A new study released by the Solutions Research Group has revealed that American women have taken the lead from men in activities such as streaming from network TV websites, frequent DVR (Digital Video Recorder) use, and casual gaming.

I know this might be hard for some men to believe, but data from the study shows that women are embracing technology more and more, with 15% of American women streaming TV shows from network TV sites in the past month, compared to only 11% of American men. Women have also taken over the household DVR, using it an average of 9.3 times per week compared to 8.3 times for men, while women with children watch 56% of their TV on a time-shifted basis, topping the 42% among male DVR owners. But to be fair to us men, a lot of our TV watching involves sports, and we want to see that stuff live, not after someone spoils it all by telling us the score before we’ve watched the recording.

Men are holding their lead in console gaming (like the PlayStation 3) with 50% having played a console game in the last month, but 38% of women can make the same claim, up 3% from last year’s figures. Women, however, have taken the lead in computer gaming, with 70% having played a PC game in the last month, compared with 69% of men.

Hang your heads in shame, gentlemen. Then grab another beer and drown your sorrows. –by Graham W.

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