Take Off With The Abt Flight Simulator

Ever feel like just taking off and getting away from it all? How would you like to experience adventures in the sky from the safety of the ground? Well, the new Abt Flight Simulator can help you do just that—and best of all, it’s free. Located in our Custom Audio Showroom and powered by Microsoft Flight Simulator X, this amazing device can take you on several different airborne adventures, including Cargo Run, Jet Truck Drag Race, On Approach, Oshkosh Airshow, Red Bull Time Trials, Scenic Hawaii, and Swiss Outing.

The flight simulator’s software was developed by Microsoft with the help of engineers from Boeing and Cessna. The software runs on an Alienware computer (see photo below) that’s connected to the internet. It receives live weather updates every 15 minutes, which are then integrated into the simulations to match the current weather conditions.

Kids and adults alike have been enjoying this unique experience, especially on weekends when hundreds of people test out the simulator. “We have it set on a kid-friendly, no-crash mode so the planes will just bounce off the ground rather than crashing,” says Abt Custom Audio sales rep Abe Abrahamian. “But we can also set the simulator to a mode used by professional flight schools. We’ve even had United Airlines pilots come in who’ve tried it out and told us that the flight dynamics feel real minus the motion of a commercial simulator.”

So the next time someone tells you to “take off,” just head on over to Abt and soar into the wild blue yonder with the Abt Flight Simulator. —by Graham W.

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