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Abt Exclusive Computers Home Tips

Optimizing Your Flexible Work Setup

WFH Hybrid with Help from Abt

1. Establish Peace and Privacy More than half of those working from home say that social media and smartphones affected their productivity during lockdowns. Others cited binge-watching, kids, pets, partners and gaming as their biggest distractions. Regardless of which situations and scenarios divert their attention, most could avoid unnecessary interruptions by simply establishing a place of peace and privacy at home. Whether it be the dining room table, the spare bedroom or…

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Computers Learning Center Photography Videos

How to Use Your Canon Camera as a Webcam

An unprecedented amount of people are working from home today. And thanks to widespread broadband and affordable video-conferencing equipment, the transition hasn’t been too jarring for most. But it’s also caused major shortages in the supply of many requisite work-from-home tools, namely laptops and standalone webcams. As countless new teleworkers have discovered over the last month, being able to visually touch base with co-workers makes communication easier and more effective. And the…

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Abt Exclusive Home Tips

Free Digital Offers To Help While You’re at Home

The silver lining to being at home all day right now is that it presents a great opportunity to discover some new things, whether how to create art or simply a new TV show. All across the internet, brands and organizations are offering up free access to their services, hoping to help make isolation more manageable. You might even come out of this with the beginnings of a new skill. Here’s a…

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Abt Exclusive Cooking

Super Simple & Easy Comfort Food Recipes

With everyone spending so much time at home, I think we’re all finding ourselves searching for new recipes to try. This is a great time to introduce some fun and easy recipes to your routine, meals that you can have a good time making and eating. These comfort food recipes are great for a family who needs a distraction to keep kids busy, or if you are just a stressed-out millennial that…

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Abt Exclusive Home Tips

Top Tools To Help You Work From Home

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At this time last year, working from home was an anomaly—something you did on an occasional Friday or only because your company was especially progressive. Today, it’s the status quo. And even though much of the country has now been working from home for months, there’s a good chance that many of us are still doing it at hastily arranged workstations. If you’re in that boat, or you’re prepping for a new…

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