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Wireless Keyboards Offer Complete Control

Recently I was bedridden due to a minor procedure (don’t worry, I’m fine). I found myself spending a lot of time watching television and putzing around on the internet. Some of the best content I was watching was off my computer, thanks to the likes of  Netflix and I was able to pass a whole lot of time and forget about the pain by catching up with  movies and TV shows.…

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iMac and Mac Mini are Brand New Again

Apple rolled out the latest versions of iMac and the Mac Mini. There are some standout features on both. Both the 21.5” and the 27” iMacs are better, more powerful, and faster. They will also have larger LED backlit screens. The 21.5” monitor will be full HD (1080p) and the 27” will be full HD plus have 78% more pixels. iMacs also come standard with IPS technology that enables their display to…

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