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Technologist Tuesday: 4K to Stay

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

4k logo

Smartphones were around for a while before Apple brought us the iPhone.  What then happened to the Smartphone industry? It exploded.  Apple’s product became insanely popular and the competition began to mold new products around this newly energized Smartphone market.

When we look to the current market of Televisions, we see so many different kinds of TVs.  Most choices are easy to filter through:  LED vs. Plasma, Do I need built-in Wi-Fi for web apps? How big should I get…etc.   What about 4K? Should I buy a television with a 4K resolution?  For some, the price tag of a 4K TV will quickly answer that question.  Others may simply be asking why should they spend the money on a TV with a resolution that broadcasting companies haven’t yet embraced.

Here’s a quick 4K (Ultra HD) review:  When a 4K camcorder has recorded video and you watch it on your new Ultra HD TV, the resolution is 4 times higher than a 1080P television.  You have to see it.  The quality is amazing. The Abt demonstrations we have showing you 4K qualities will leave you in a frozen gaze.  When programming that wasn’t recorded with 4K cameras plays on your 4K TV, it will look better than a 1080P TV.   How much?  When you’re close to the screen (8-10ft) you’ll notice it.  What about content?


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Technologist Tuesday: iPhone 5S Camera: Focus Beyond Hardware

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

iphone 5s camera

One of the most touted iPhone 5s improvements Apple discussed was its amazing new camera.  The new 64-bit A7 brain behind the camera and dual LED smart flash are a first of their kind.  They stressed the importance of the camera’s new 15% larger image sensor & increased f/2.2 Aperture.  It’s these core elements that significantly affect the quality of a smart phones image.  I took a look at the many phone cameras out there and compiled some info.  Compare Apple’s new iPhone 5S to the HTC One (one of the best camera phones made) that came out 6 months ago.  HTC has not only a higher max aperture but already features the same size image sensor and even adds optical image stabilization.  Nokia’s Lumia 1020 not only has an insane 41MP camera, but it’s image sensor is double the iPhone 5S!  It’s very clear that these Apple improvements to the camera are significant compared to previous iPhone models.  Although, it’s also clear that compared to the industry, this technology is already getting stale.



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Technologist Tuesday: Watch out: A Smartwatch Awareness

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013


When the iPad came out, I was frequently asked, “I have an iPhone and a computer.  Why do I need an iPad.”  The tablet industry arrived with iPad and so many people were confused.  Do I need an iPad? Why? I rarely get asked this question these days.  Most people are getting a second or third tablet because someone in their household has taken over the iPad.   However, it still comes up from time to time.  My answer is simple:  A tablet can be a better way to do some of the daily tech things you already do.  Surfing the web, checking your email, reading a magazine or newspaper has become a tablet preferred activity.  On top of that, you open yourself up to a world of Apps that pretty much guarantees to have a least one or two apps you’ll cling to.  This answer has all sorts of demos and supporting content to light the tablet fire.

Soon, the question will return.  “Why?  I have a smart phone, computer and even a tablet.  Why do I need a Smartwatch.”  This time around it’s quite a bit different.  I think the answer might be:  “Because you have a Smartphone, computer and even a tablet.”  We have so much technology around us it’s time for a middleman.  Primarily, something’s needed to address the Smartphone’s obnoxious control over people.  The Smartwatch may help us all focus on the road and ease the need to keep peeking at our smart phones.  Beyond that, wearing our technology on our wrists opens up an entire new opportunity for new App development.  With all these possibilities, the Smartwatch can be a great way to bridge your personal technology.  Or, the Smartwatch wearing human will develop abnormally large muscles in their left shoulder region as they begin to abuse the need to look at their smart watch thousands of times a day.    (more…)

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