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Trade In Your Old Electronics

People have been rushing to get their hands on the newly-released Apple iPhone 4S. As new gadgets come out, so do new expenses. If you have old technology you no longer use, why not turn it into some cash or credit to get the newest items? At Abt Electronics you can trade in your usable electronics for extra cash or credit towards something new in the store. Check it out at our…

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Sony’s Marketing Techniques Get Unique

With what seems to be an over-saturated market for tablets, Sony is preparing consumers for their version of the popular, portable electronics device coming out in Q4 with ominous commercials. Sony is no stranger to unique advertisements, but one has to ask; when does unique advertising become too flashy? In early June, Sony released a commercial ominously introducing their tablet. I was intrigued by the single-shot, “Mouse Trap” look-a-like and even was…

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Behind the Bolt: Terry Forrest; Four Decades and Still Going Strong

The year was 1967.  Fresh out of high school Terry Forrest was looking for a temporary summer job to earn some money.  Hearing that a company in his neighborhood was looking for employees, he applied and got hired to be their driver.  One day after his deliveries, he was approached by none other than Bob Abt, telling him he should get himself a white t-shirt and a tie so he could hit…

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CES 2010 Kicks Off Tonight With Ballmer's Keynote Address

Tomorrow is the official start of the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Many people will arrive today to get a head start on viewing all the greatest new consumer electronics. Some of the newest technology has already been leaked. Here are a few of the new products that you should check out. iHome is revealing the iP2. It’s an iPod docking station perfect for a kitchen. With a 50-watt amp…

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