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Bose VideoWave 2: Your single-solution for home theater needs!

Nick from Abt goes over the specifics for the latest entry to a long line of Bose Home Theater Systems: The Bose VideoWave II. The Bose VideoWave II is a great idea if you don’t want to run speakers, but want exceptional sound quality. With one purchase, you can get a 55-inch LED TV with Bose speakers built into the bezel. The Bose control box acts as a receiver and allows you…

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Polk Audio Adds to Personal Audio Line

Polk Audio plans to add to its personal audio collection with a series of devices that will include desktop audio products, including a successor to the company’s discontinued I-Sonic tabletop entertainment system. The company’s personal audio products currently consist of its first six headphones launched in mid-year . The I-Sonic 3 tabletop audio system will be available soon, according to Polk It will replace the out-of-production I-Sonic 2, which was a tabletop…

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Streaming Blu-ray on Netflix? Not This Year.

Neflix began streaming movies in May of 2008. They expanded to streaming on gaming systems like XBOX and then to an independent box made just for streaming video. Could it get any better than that?  It did.  Netflix currently streams on game systems like Xbox360 & Sony’s PS3, as well as higher end television sets from Sony and LG, and Blu-ray players from Sony, Samsung, and LG. Netflix is aiming to release…

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