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Get Back on Track after Hurricane Sandy

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Since I have family in both New Jersey and New Hampshire, I know a small fraction about the complications facing people on the East Coast after Hurricane Sandy.  There are millions without power, water is everywhere and people’s lives have been put on hold.

Abt is thinking about everyone over there, and hoping poor weather will pass and their lives will get back on track.

The Mid-West is expected to get some nasty wind gusts and Lake Michigan is getting aggressive as an aftershock to Sandy’s arrival.  We currently have a special on home appliances that will help you and your family keep safe and sound and restore your home.

Generators: We have generators and generator accessories you might need to get the power back on in your house.  Keep your fridges on, your heater going, and the lights on in your house.

Sump Pumps: Anyone that’s dealt with a flood knows the devastation that it carries; property loss as well as mental and physical damage.  Protect your basement with a sump pump system with optional check valves and battery backups.

Two Way radios: If you are afraid of phone lines going down, keep in touch with family and friends with two way radios.

Weather Radio: This hand powered weather radio keeps you aware of any emergency announcements.



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Generac Generators Are Now Available At Abt

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

It’s that time again, ‘tis the season in Chicago for rain, hail, thunderstorms, and even the occasional microburst. It’s actually that season for many parts of the country too. What will you do when you are sitting at home watching the Cubs win and you hear a rumble of thunder that turns into an all-out thunderstorm, knocking your power out? Whom will you turn to? If your power is out, so is everybody else’s.

Generac generators at Abt can save your day. You can count on Generac when your power goes out. Abt has quite a few options from home automatic standby generators to portable generators that will keep your power on while your neighbors are in the dark. At the very least, connect your sump-pump to a portable generator to prevent flooding and water damage to your home’s foundation and lower floors.

Do you need an automatic standby generator or a smaller portable one? That depends on your needs. If you are looking to power a sump-pump in a storm, you might only need a smaller portable generator. If you want, your whole home to continue like the power never ran out, that’s when you need to look at the automatic standby models.

Abt has a selection of generators that will suit every home’s needs. Stop by Abt or call and speak with a home-comfort sales specialist for assistance with all your power back-up needs.

-Kelly B.

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