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Steve Jobs: 1955-2011

Image courtesy of Apple Steven P. Jobs, co-founder of Apple, passed away yesterday, October 5th, 2011. Considered to many to be a true visionary, he redesigned the way we look at computers, portable music devices, cellular phones and even technology as a whole.  There’s always something better to make, always something to improve on, and always something to spark your imagination. Steve Jobs leaves behind a legacy that the world has been…

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Steve Jobs Retires from Apple

Steve Jobs officially announced his retirement from his world renowned company Apple this week. What does this mean for Apple?  Not much exactly.  It will still continue to be a Steve Jobs company.  Steve Jobs has been involved since its inception, but has taken numerous hiatuses the last several years due to illness. In dealing with his absence, Apple worked on training a replacement who could eventually fill his place when Apple’s creator steps down. This…

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Apple Refreshes Their iPod And Apple TV Lineup

Yesterday Apple announced their new lineup of iPods and their revamped Apple TV. The 4th generation Shuffle went old school and brought back the scroll wheel, clip and power switch from the 2nd generation design.  The $49 unit comes in five colors (silver, green, pink, orange and blue), one capacity (2GB), and all the features of the 3rd generation’s VoiceOver model. The new 6th generation iPod nano had a total overhaul and…

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